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    Digital Internships

    30% of young people in the MENA region are unable to find local employment, yet they are not without talent. Of these unemployed youth, one in three hold college degrees.


    Work4Good provides job skills training to help these youth bridge the gap between education and employment. These skills prepare youth to find their first job in the digital economy, gaining valuable work experience for the future.

    Workforce Reintegration

    The war in Syria alone has produced over 4 million refugees who are today living in vulnerable situations, unable to work and fully dependent on dwindling charitable donations. Many of these refugees are educated, experienced professionals.


    Work4Good recruits talented refugees who work side-by-side with recent college grads, sharing practical work experience while refreshing technical skills after a pause in employment.

    Female Economic Participation

    In the life of a woman, flexibility is essential. Whether it is managing the demands of childcare or simply finding a safe place to work, women can face unique barriers to employment.


    Work4Good provides job skills training, mentoring, and a vital network for women who would like to put their talent to work in the global digital freelancing economy and have the freedom to work whenever and wherever they choose.

  • Who We Are

    Work4Good is a for-profit social enterprise, focused on alleviating poverty through the power of the global economy.

    Adrienne Yandell

    Founder & CEO

    Why I Work:

    My passion for employment was sparked in 2006 when I met a young girl who had graduated with honors from university but had been denied employment due to her impoverished background. Despite her talent, this young girl was unable to provide for herself. With no viable alternative she has returned to a life of fear and dependence on the local gangs who control her community.


    In today's highly connected world, there is no reason why this kind of joblessness and violent poverty should continue to exist. This young girl, and many others like her, was the inspiration for Work4Good.


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